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3 Job Opportunities in Teaching Human Rights (Harvard, SGS and Chicago Law School)

Clinical Instructor

Harvard Law School- Cambridge, Massachusetts

The International Human Rights Clinic, part of the Human Rights Program at Harvard Law School, is currently welcoming keen legally-trained practitioners to apply for the Clinical Instructor position. The Clinic offers LLM students, as well as third year students, the opportunity to figure out complex human rights issues while cooperating with clients, civil society organizations and affected communities from all over the world. Clinical students, under the close supervision of the instructor, develop a range of mandatory skills in order to become thoughtful, critical, creative, strategic, and in the end, effective human rights advocates.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Clinical Instructor must have, aside from at least five years of demonstrated experience in human rights, expertise in teaching, training, or mentoring law students. Furthermore, he or she will design, oversee, and execute clinical projects, and manage student teams. Deploying a variety of strategies and methodologies, the respective projects may include fact-finding investigations, legislative drafting and advocacy efforts. Over the course of the term appointment, the Clinical Instructor may also have the opportunity to be appointed a Lecturer on Law and to teach clinical seminars.

The main responsibility lies in the development of clinical projects which expose students to the practical realities and challenges of human rights work. It also includes meeting regularly with teams of students, guiding them and reviewing their works, while advising them on strategic and ethical questions that arise during the course of their clinical projects.


A Law degree and five years experience in human rights, including training and teaching law students are imperative. Nonetheless, fluency in English is required.

Additional qualifications are the following:

  • language skills relevant to Clinical Instructor’s particular areas of expertise
  • significant and demonstrated commitment to thoughtful, innovative, rigorous and self-reflective human rights work.
  • outstanding legal, communication, interpersonal, analytical, writing, organizational and time-management skills.
  • the ability and desire to work collaboratively as a member of a team, including in partnership and coalition with affected clients and communities.
  • an understanding of human rights and sensitivity to critiques of them, as well as ways of responding to and integrating such critiques into practice.

Applications are due on the first of March 2017.

About the university

Harvard Law School of Harvard University, founded in 1817, is considered to be the most prestigious law-teaching institutions in the world. Some of the most remarkable graduates are Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Elena Kagan and John G. Roberts Jr.

Lecturer in Human Rights

School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

The School of Global Studies is currently seeking for an applicant for the Lecturer in Human Rights permanent position. Its educational subjects include: Peace and Development Studies, International Relations, Global Development, Human Ecology, Social Anthropology, Human Rights and Regional Studies, but the focus is primarily on Human Rights. The Master’s programme is mostly about implementation issues and human rights-based work.

Duties and Responsibilities

The candidate is expected to participate in the subject development of Human Rights, as well as in teaching and research in other subject areas in the department. Moreover, taking part in obtaining external funding is highly desired. Courses will be conducted at undergraduate and masters levels, but may also involve some teaching at the doctoral level.


As teaching, supervision, examination and administration are conducted in both Swedish and English, fluency is a must. Applicants who do not speak Swedish are expected to acquire language skills within two years. What is also expected from the candidate is that s/he must participate in the department’s development of courses and carry out necessary administrative and leadership duties. Therefore, skills development and research are included in accordance with existing labor contracts for teachers at the University of Gothenburg.

To qualify as a lecturer, applicants must hold a Phd and have completed training in teaching at University level or equivalent and are able to demonstrate pedagogical expertise.

Successful candidates are expected to have international academic qualifications which must be supported with formal documentation.

Within one year of their appointment, all teachers must have completed training in teaching and learning in higher education equivalent to 15 higher education credits or otherwise acquired the equivalent knowledge.

About the University

“The University of Gothenburg is environmentally certified and works actively for sustainable development. With new knowledge and new perspectives, the University of Gothenburg contributes to a better future.”

Gothenburg University College was founded in 1891 with the help of private donations, Gothenburg being the second largest city in Sweden.

International Human Rights Clinic Fellowship

University of Chicago Law School- Chicago, Illinois

The University of Chicago Law School is inviting applications for the full-time position training and supervising students as a Fellow, appointed with the rank of Lecturer, in the Law School’s International Human Rights Clinic. Its main purpose is to promote social and economic justice worldwide while using international human rights laws and norms as well as other substantive laws. IHR Clinic projects include litigation in domestic, foreign and international tribunals, as well as non-litigation projects.

Duties and Responsibilities

In order to train students, the successful candidate will supervise their projects, providing feedback on written work, will take part in team meetings and will be managing aspects of a blog and website relating to international law and the IHR Clinic.

Another aspect which should be taken into account is the fact that promoting essential values globally, including social justice requires organizing relevant events, lectures and other clinical activities, and it may call for international travel.


Applicants must have a J.D. and at least from two to four years of work experience as a practicing lawyer. Fluency in English is a must and another language is strongly desired, preferably Spanish.

Applications are due to 31 July 2017 or until the position is filled, whichever is sooner.

About the University

The University of Chicago Law School was ranked third in the United States of America in 2015. Also, it has the third highest placement of alumni in U.S. Supreme Court clerkships.

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