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3 New Lucrative Human Rights Job Vacancies


Trafficking Prevention Specialist Southeast Asia

A nonprofit by the name of Winrock International is looking to hire a trafficking prevention specialist. Winrock’s general aims are to address the concerns of disadvantaged groups around the world. This position is in Bangkok, Thailand and is operated by the Department of Civil Society and Education. Its aims are to preserve natural resources and provide individuals with greater economic choices. Your tasks will be to develop the general aims of the program, lead anti-trafficking investigations, spread public awareness about this issue, and conduct outreach operations targeted at vulnerable groups. Applicants are recommended to possess either a BA or MA degree in human rights, community development or international development. Additionally, at least five years of experience in the development field is required as well as speaking fluency in English and Thai. To apply, submit your CV and a cover letter. Benefits are described as excellent.

International Disaster and Political Shock Responder

A not-for-profit corporation in Falls Church, Virginia is seeking to hire an analyst that will carry out analytical projects on highly complex international issues. The operational fields of this organization are in international security and public safety. It works with an array of issues having to do with U.S. national security. To apply you must possess an advanced degree and have at least two years of experience relevant to the job title. For applicants with a BA degree, five years experience is required in order to be considered for the post. Knowledge of one foreign language is recommended as well as extensive abilities to work with Microsoft Office applications. Applicants with previous experience in policy analysis are sought after.

Entry Level Agency Attorney with the Commission of Human Rights

The Commission of Human Rights in New York City, New York, is seeking well-qualified entry-level applicants to work with one of the most significant agencies representing civil rights in the United States. The annual salary for this post is $ 56,257.00 – $ 68,304. Your tasks will be to interview different individuals and groups of the public that have filed claims of discrimination. You will also litigate cases and make referrals to higher authorities. Applicants must have graduated from a given accredited U.S. Law School or have valid admission to the New York State Bar. Additionally, applicants have to be well organized, have strong communicational traits and also be very attentive to details. Knowledge of the LGBT community, immigrant communities, AIDS/HIV survivors, among other communities and groups in New York is required. If hired, you must find residency in New York City within three months.

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