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3 OSCE Human Rights Vacancies For You To Consider


Project Officer (High Commissioner of Minorities, The Hague)

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe is seeking a Project Officer to assist in the implementation of human rights projects and policies in eligible regions. This is a very involved position. The successful candidate will be expected to take a lead role in finding areas where help is needed, strategizing project logistics, and then implementing projects successfully. The position is based out of the Hague in the Netherlands, and will begin on the first of July. This job is available by secondment only, so interested candidates must apply through the OSCE representative in their Foreign Affairs office. To be eligible, applicants must reside in one of the participating OSCE States, have a lower level degree in Law or another relevant field, and have six years of project management experience. A familiarity with the OSCE and its work is expected. Renumeration is decided by the country of the successful applicant. The contest for this position closes on March 29.

Field Activities Co-ordinator (OSCE Mission To Kosovo, Pristina)

The position of Field Activities Co-ordinator is an exciting one. Based out of Pristina, it entails an advanced level of responsibility and frequent work in the field. The duties involved include acting as a liaison between various Regional Offices and the Democratization Department, conducting evaluations of in-progress projects, and providing support to the Democratization Department as necessary. The general purpose of the position, and the department it is located in, is to support democratization efforts in Kosovo. To be eligible candidates must be able to drive a manual transmission vehicle, have a relevant university degree, and possess six years of relevant experience, with upwards of three of those years being management experience. This position is also by secondment from an OSCE State only, and as such the salary is negotiable with the applicant’s country. The start date of the position is April 25, and interested applicants must apply before February 23.

Associate Programme Officer, Roma and Sinti Issues (ODIHR, Warsaw)

The Associate Programme Officer, a position based out of Warsaw, is an excellent position for anyone seeking extensive experience in the administration aspect of human rights policy. The chosen candidate will be responsible for navigating the particular problems experienced within the Roma and Sinti communities, as well as directly evaluating and implementing relevant policies. Eligible candidates will have four years of experience in a relevant field and an upper level university degree. This position is also by secondment from an OSCE State only, so compensation will be determined by the relevant authority within the chosen candidate’s home country. Applications for the position must be submitted no later than February 17.

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