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4 Current Human Rights Vacancies with International Rescue Commitee


Women’s Protection and Empowerment Program Advisor
Part of the IRC’s campaign in the Congo to end gender based violence, the Women’s Protection and Empowerment Program Advisor’s role is both administrative and representative. They are responsible for the supervision of initiatives in tumultuous areas of the country, the creation and development of further egalitarian schemes, and the management of the organization’s presence in the media as it regards to their work. There is a large amount of travel around the country required and housing is provided. The salary is unspecified. Eligibility for the position includes an upper level university degree in a relevant discipline, at least five years of working experience in a similar role, and complete fluency in both English and French. The closing date has not been advertised.

Women’s Protection and Empowerment Coordinator

Somalia has been the scene of many trials in recent years, both politically and environmentally. The Women’s Protection and Empowerment Coordinator is responsible for strategizing and organizing the IRC initiatives in place in Somalia, including the overseeing of relationships between the IRC and local authorities and NGOs, facilitating effective communication within the team, and evaluating the success of the program. The remuneration for the position has not been specified. Qualified applicants must have an advanced level degree in an applicable area of study and two years of experience working with victims of gender discrimination and violence. Applications will presumably be accepted until the position is filled.

Finance Controller

Recent months have seen a surge of refugees seek shelter in Greece, and in response to this the IRC have instituted a nationwide program to help ease the process of migration. While perhaps not as hands on as other positions might be, the Finance Controller is still an integral part of the initiative. They are responsible for monitoring finances, completing budgets, keeping a working knowledge of native tax policies and procedures, and assessing the country’s financial abilities. This posting is for one year in Mytillini, though the start date and salary are not mentioned. Housing will be provided. The eligibility requirement is a lower level degree in some form of business and finance and a CPA certificate, or an advanced degree in Accounting. The competition will remain open until the position is full.

ERT Field Director

The ERT Field Director’s scope of work includes coordinating the Emergency Response Team in disaster stricken areas and creating and fulfilling goals for disaster response. This can be a very demanding job, and the right candidate will be able to work well under pressure and make tough decisions. This is a somewhat unique position. The ERT work from their home countries, and are deployed to areas where they are needed when they are needed. This means that candidates must be prepared for extensive travel. The minimum requirements for the position are a relevant university degree, eight years of experience in an emergency-based work environment, and fluency in Arabic. Start date, end date, and salary are unspecified.

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