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4 Great Entry Level Vacancies with the IOM


Junior Professional Officer – Migrant Assistance

Though only open to US citizens, this position is a great opportunity for anyone with a passion for refugee assistance looking to make the next step in their career. The successful applicant will complete a one year contract in Geneva, though an extension may be applied if their work exceeds expectations. The duties involved are providing support to various initiatives and regional programs, helping to shape the design of new and existing programs to meet with the objectives of the project, and creating a yearly work plan. Eligible candidates will possess an advanced university degree with a financial or social science focus, as well as at least seven years of experience. Some of this experience must be relevant to the field of migration. Applications will be received until February 26. The salary has not been disclosed.

Regional Managing and Evaluation Officer, Pretoria

This is an exciting job opportunity based out of Pretoria, South Africa. The Regional ME Officer is responsible for the general supervision of project activities in designated areas, as well as training project staff periodically in order to maximize the efficiency of the program. This is a posting that requires a strong grasp of logical problem solving, as well as good teamwork skills. To be qualified, applicants must possess a lowel level university degree in a field relevant to the work at hand, and have a solid base of at least four years of experience, or an upper level degree with two years of experience. The salary has not been specified. The closing date for applications is February 25 and the start date is as soon as possible.

Regional Managing and Evaluation Officer, Vienna

This position has all the same basic requirements and responsibilities as the one listed above. The duties will, however, be adapted to suit the needs of the region serviced by the Vienna office. This region, though not explicitly described in the posting, likely includes Eastern European countries and regions, such as Ukraine. The closing date for this position is also February 25.

Regional Managing and Evaluation Officer, Cairo

Another position along the same lines as the two above it, the Regional ME Officer in Cairo will deal almost exclusively with region-specific projects and initiatives. Migration issues in North Africa have come to the fore recently, and this position will help to create and manage strategies to improve the process of migration throughout the area while also coordinating internally to manage missions. Applications will be accepted until February 25.

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