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4 Human Rights Job Opportunities at the University of Oxford


Research Officer

There are currently two open positions in the Refugee Studies Centre for Research Officers. These posts are part of a project being conducted by the Swiss Department of Foreign Affairs on the Syrian Refugee Crisis. As well as research, the successful applicants will be expected to do work in the field, organize the project, and make presentations of their findings. These are contracted positions for one year, beginning in March, and the salary is between £30,738 and £37,768. While it is not explicitly stated, assumingly most of the work is completed at the University of Oxford, with several trips throughout. To be eligible candidates must have a doctorate in one of the social sciences, as well as experience working in the field in a relevant country. Applications will be accepted until February 15.

Junior Research Fellowship in the Economics of Forced Migration

This Fellowship, also at the Refugee Studies Centre, focuses on the financial aspects of forced migration. The Fellow will be expected to perform research, publish their research academically, and create and conduct a series of seminars on the topic. This position is highly ensconced in the world of academia and thus to be eligible applicants must have a social sciences doctorate, a demonstrated capability for producing publishable works, and a solid foundation of research skills. The salary for the position is between £30,738 and £37,768, and it will run for two years, starting in April. It is based out of the University of Oxford. Applications must be received before March 11.

Junior Research Fellowship in Global Refugee Policy

This is a contracted two year position as part of an initiative titled “Rethinking Refuge.” Much like the Junior Research Fellow in the Economics of Forced Migration, the Global Refugee Policy Fellow will be engaged in extensive research, analysis, and presentations of findings. The salary for the position, based out of the University of Oxford, is between £30,738 and £37,768. The position start date is in April. To be qualified, candidates must possess a doctorate in the social sciences and an extended academic skill set; this includes having authored an article or paper that has been peer-reviewed. Applications will be accepted until March 11.

Part-Time Forced Migration Review Promotion and Finance Assistant

The Forced Migration Review is a magazine published by the University of Oxford that examines current events as they pertain to the status of refugees worldwide. The Promotion and Finance Assistant for the FPR is responsible for collaborating on marketing opportunities, producing financial reports, and answering enquiries as necessary. The position will entail 18 hours a week, and is salaried at £20,989 to £24,298 per year. Though the listed qualifications include a familiarity with the Microsoft Office Suite and excellent organizational skills, no education requirements have been listed. Candidates may apply until March 2, and interviews will be held beginning March 15.

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