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4 Human Rights Positions With CoE, UNDP and HEAL


Project Officer (Council of Europe)
Working with the Council of Europe would be an incredible opportunity for anyone passionate about preserving civil liberties and upholding the standards of democracy across the Council’s 47 member countries. Based out of their office in Belgrade, this position upholds the backbone of the organization’s mission in Serbia in an administrative context. The Project Officer is responsible for collecting and distributing information, as well as ensuring the smooth running of the office. This is not a permanent position, and will end when the project is completed. The projected completion date is December 2017. Applicants must be resident in Serbia already, and should be fluent in Serbian. In addition it is necessary that they have finished secondary school, be under the age of 65, and have at least two years experience in a related field. The salary amount is unspecified. Applications will be accepted until February 15.

International Consultant (UNDP)
The United Nation Development Programme is an organization dedicated to the protection and encouragement of developing democracies. This is a unique contract opportunity, based out of Baghdad, that has several stages that must be completed in order to receive remuneration. Between February 2016 and January 2017 the International Consultant will be expected to review the ANCSS structure and staffing and provide reports on how to maximize the efficiency of the centre. Work done by the International Consultant will be completed over five missions, with a total working period of ninety days within the above timeframe. Applicants must be fluent in Arabic, have an upper level University degree, and have several years of experience working in a similar field. Applicants must also bid for the project with a financial proposal. Applications should be received by February 13.

Program Associate (Breakthrough)
Based out of New York City, the Program Associate for the Office of the President at Breakthrough will assist in several of the key missions that the organization has in place to defend the rights of women and girls worldwide. This is a very involved position that includes maintaining a social media presence, organizing events, and assisting in multimedia productions. The salary is unspecified but a comprehensive benefits package is on offer. It is alluded to but not explicitly stated that applicants must have a college degree to apply, though the only listed work or study qualification is two years in a related field. Applications will be considered as long as the position is open.

Health and Climate Change Coordinator (HEAL)
The Health and Environment Alliance, located out of Brussels, is a European Union affiliated organization that aims to improve environmental conditions as a way to positively impact basic living conditions worldwide. The position of Health and Climate Change Coordinator is a new one, and it entails the proper administration of a campaign aimed at curtailing the use of environmentally degrading fossil fuels and, more broadly, helping the EU to establish programs and institutions to help lower carbon emissions across the continent. The ideal candidate will have a university degree in a related field, as well as at least three years of experience working in public health, environmental protection, or a similar vocation. The position will run until at least December 2017, though possibly longer. The position offers benefits and an unspecified but generous rate of compensation. Applications must be received by February 12.

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