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4 Vacancies with the European Asylum Support Office


Project Manager

The European Asylum Support Office is a body of resources aimed at providing a smooth migration process for refugees while coordinating with the affected EU member states who are experiencing migration related difficulties. The Project Manager’s responsibilities within this framework include organizing data and using it to develop tools to further the success of various initiatives, and developing a system for the dissemination of important information. The posting is for a temporary position in Valletta Harbour, Malta, though there is an opportunity for contract renewal. The listed salary is €5,079, though the period this amount covers is not specified. Candidates are required to have a lower level university degree, be a citizen of one of the EU states that works with EASO, and be fluent in one EU language and have passable skills in another. Applications will be accepted until March 5.

Senior Assistant

This position is primarily focused on the development and use of EASO’s Information and Documentation System (IDS). The Senior Assistant is responsible for researching applicable data to be included in the system, communicating with the relevant authorities of participating countries, and administrating the IDS on a day-to-day basis. The required qualifications are a lower level university degree and six years of experience working in a similar role, as well as citizenship in the EU or Norway. Candidates must also be fluent in one EU language and proficient in another. This is a five year position based out of Valletta Harbour, Malta. The successful candidate will receive a salary of €3,968. The closing date for applications is March 4, and no start date has been listed.

Quality Management Officer

This position is based out of the EASO Executive Office in Valletta Harbour. The Quality Management Officer oversees the correspondence between parties in relation to the creation of reports, and acts as an intermediary to facilitate the smooth running of various EASO initiatives. They also administer support on a technical level, and respond to queries as necessary. To be eligible, applicants must have a lower level university degree and six years of experience working in a similar role, as well as citizenship in the EU or Norway. They must also be fluent in one EU language and have the ability to work in another. The listed salary is €5,212. The closing date for the position is March 8.

Reception Officer

This EASO position focuses on all aspects of Reception as they apply to EASO work processes. Duties may include conducting research on the topic and presenting these findings, coordinating with reception authorities on current projects, and attending conferences to further the employee’s knowledge base. The Reception Officer may be required to travel, but most of their work will be conducted in Valletta Harbour. To apply, candidates must have the usual requisites of citizenship to an EU country and proficiency in two EU languages, but are also required to have a degree in Law or a similar discipline and two years of specific experience. The position is for five years at a salary level of €5,079, though that term may be extended. Applications will be received until March 11.

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