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5 Human Rights Dream Jobs with Prestigious NGOs


Gender and Violence Against Women Advisor (Oxfam)
Oxfam is offering a vacancy for a fixed team member in negotiable Oxfam country office locations. The Gender and Violence Against Women Advisor’s main responsibility is to work alongside many program teams like PSIT, OGB, VAWG, and OISP to contribute to the betterment of the livelihood of women in different geographic locations. The duties of this position include contributing to and implementing program objectives, providing quality leadership, supporting program managers, contributing to advocacy and capacity building, providing quality control for program functions, as well as engaging with other institutions to form strategic partnerships. Applicants must have relevant experience in a gender-related field or equivalent degree programs, as well as experience in gender justice and humanitarian program development, advisory support, and VAWG programs. Proficiency with computers is required, as well as a working knowledge of English. Knowledge of Spanish, French, and Arabic would be an advantage. Applicants must be willing to travel 2 months of a year. The duration of this position is not specified. Deadline to apply for this position is April 21, 2016.

Regional Human Rights Education Project Manager (Amnesty International)
Amnesty International’s Regional Office is hiring a permanent Education Project Manager in Johannesburg, Africa. The purpose of the Regional Human Rights Education Project Manager’s position is to contribute to the development of in-person and online education programs in the region. The duties of this position involve contributing to every aspect of the design, development, and implementation of new educational strategies and programs, as well as online modules, with a definite focus on Human Rights. Practical experience in Human Rights Education, with a working knowledge of education technology, as well as an understanding of the current sociopolitical state of the region is required. The Candidate must be able to integrate Human Rights concepts to the curriculum in a formal education setting. The candidate must have experience in interacting with a variety of stakeholders. Fluency in written and spoken English and French is required. This is a permanent position and deadline to apply is May 4, 2016.

Protection Coordinator (Front Line Defenders)
Front Line Defenders is hiring a Protection Coordinator in East Asia. The specific location of this position will be catered to the candidate’s qualifications. The role of the Protection Coordinator is to maintain and develop contacts with other HR defenders in the area, research issues and threats towards their facility, and provide materials that will properly analyze the issue and produce action. The duties of the Protection Coordinator include identifying and researching at-risk HR defenders, implementing responses in times of crisis, providing analysis reports as advocacy for the Front Line Defenders, as well as creating strategic contacts with other organizations. The desired candidate has a minimum of three years’ experience in Human Rights related work in East Asia. Previous practical experience with Human Rights Defenders would be an advantage for the application. Fluency in written and spoken English and Chinese is a requirement and no exceptions will be made. Candidate must be able to maintain diplomacy in high-stress situations as well as understand the high-security risks of this position. The salary for the Protection Coordinator will vary by qualifications and level of experience. Applications will stay open until the position is filled.

Coordinator (Human Rights Watch)
The Global Advocacy Division of Human Rights Watch has a vacancy for a Coordinator in New York, USA. The Coordinator will work under the Deputy Director for Global Advocacy, The Deputy United Nations Director and the United Nations Director to provide assistance for administrative and clerical support, as well extensive research for a variety of topics. The Coordinator will be expected to schedule and take notes at meetings, oversee the entire writing and editing process of publications, coordinate travel plans for advocacy, maintain the Human Rights webpage, conduct research on current events, be able to navigate word processors, assist in the hiring and supervision of new team members, and provide administrative tasks. A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations, Area Studies, Political Science, or a related field is required. At least 2 years’ of relevant administrative work experience is a requirement. The candidate is required to be fluent in written and spoken English. Proficiency in other UN languages would be an advantage. Applicants must be authorized to work at least two years prior to the start date. Deadline to apply is April 30, 2016.

Gender Adviser and Program Manager (Mercy Corps)
The Mercy Corps is offering a vacancy for a Gender Adviser and Program Manager in Niamey, Niger. The Gender Adviser and Program Manager will manage, advise, and implement every step of the BRIDGE program with a focus on gender and resilience. The duties of this position include designing and planning new programs, managing the program team to sustain a productive work environment, managing financial aspects while working within Mercy Corps guidelines, supporting accountability and capacity building, as well as advocating and representing Mercy Corps in meetings with partners or working groups. A minimum of a Master’s Degree in International Development or a related field is required. As a substitute for the degree, a minimum of three years’ experience in management with a focus on program planning, design, and implantation will be accepted. Proficiency in written and spoken English and French is required. Employees will work five days a week with availability for weekends. The duration of this position is not specified. The post will remain open until the position has been filled.

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