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Council of Europe and WHO Human Rights Jobs


Programme Manager (Grade A1/A2) Directorate General of Human Rights and Rule of Law (DGI)

The Council of Europe’s Directorate of Information Society and Action Against Crime is currently searching for a qualified individual to join their team and work as a Programme Manager at their location in Strasbourg, France. The manager will be responsible for helping to implement anti-money laundering programs developed through MONEYVAL.

To qualify for the position, applicants must have the equivalent of a master’s degree in financial management, accounting, law, economics or a similar field and at least four years of professional experience working in law, law enforcement or finance doing work related to deterring money laundering. In addition, applicants must be fluent in English, have a working knowledge of French and be from a Council of Europe nation, and be under 65 years of age. Apply until 12 September.

Programme Manager (Grade A1/A2) Directorate General of Democracy (DG II)

The Directorate General of Democracy of the Council of Europe is currently accepting applications for a Programme Manager position based in Strasbourg, France. This individual is responsible for helping to implement and improve the council’s programme on gender equality and for drafting speeches, letters, briefs and other types of documents related to the topic.

Qualified applicants will hold a bachelor’s degree in women’s studies, gender studies, political science, law or a similar field and have at least 5 years of work experience in a position related to gender equality and mainstreaming. Knowledge of English or French and at least one other European language is preferred. Individuals applying for the post must be from one of the member states of the Council of Europe and under 65 years of age. Apply until 8 September 2016.

Advisor, HIV/STI Prevention

The Communicable Diseases and Health Analysis unit of the AMRO Americas Regional Office of the World Health Organization is currently searching for a qualified individual to fill the role of an HIV/STI Prevention Advisor at their location in Washington, D.C. This two-year position involves working with public health officials to combat the spread of sexually-transmitted infections in the Caribbean and Latin American regions.

To be considered for the position, candidates must have a university degree in a health-related field plus a master’s degree in public health as well as nine years of experience in public health policy formulation. Individuals must be fluent in either English or Spanish and knowledgeable of the other language. Those who also speak French or Portuguese will be at an advantage. Apply until 5 September.

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