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6 Paid Internships with Democracy Now!


Democracy Now! is a news program hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez that is broadcasted on National Public Radio, Pacifica, and college radio networks and on PBS, public access and satellite television stations. As an independent news show, Democracy Now! gives a voice to individuals and organizations that otherwise go unheard in mainstream media, allowing listeners and viewers to become educated on topics related to U.S. foreign policy. The show often uses a debate format to give well-balanced views of key issues.

At the present time, Democracy Now! is looking for individuals to serve as interns. These temporary positions are intended to help students and recent graduates gain experience in a diverse range of fields, including fundraising, education, translation, archiving, outreach and social media management.

Democracy Now! interns receive pay for their work and are given 20 hours of work every week. The internships are based in Manhattan, New York, United States, where the news and radio program is produced. Whenever possible, interns will receive help getting college credit or work-study credit for the work that they perform as a part of the internship.

For prospective interns, there are two programs offered every year at Democracy Now!. The first session runs from January to June with an application deadline of the previous 15th of November, while the second session begins in July and continues through December with an application deadline of May 15 of the same calendar year.

In order to be considered for the Democracy Now! internship, applicants must have a high school diploma, a GED or the equivalent. Individuals must also be legally able to work in the United States either as citizens of the country or through US work authorization. The internship can only be completed one time.

Interns may work in one of six departments:

– Archive. Archives interns are responsible for cataloging videos, turning paper and tape records into digital media and processing all incoming news feeds. The individuals must have experience working with Mac OS X and Office.

Democracy Now! en Español. This internship involves translating English content to Spanish, updating social media accounts and assisting with efforts to grow a Spanish-speaking audience. Individuals must be bilingual and have basic journalism skills.

– Development & Outreach. Interns in this area are responsible for maintaining the donor database and processing contributions. Familiarity with Microsoft Word and Excel is preferred.

– Education. Interns in this area invite educators and their classes to visit the set and use the broadcast as a part of their curricula. Previous experience with teaching is beneficial for the role.

– IT. IT interns will provide technical support, manage the network and oversee data backups. High-level knowledge of OSX, Linux, shell scripting and TCP/IP networks is vital to success in the position.

– Social Media. Social media interns produce content for Democracy Now! social media platforms and are responsible for updating social media accounts. Knowledge of social media and basic journalism skills are required.

Those interested in applying should send a resume and a one-page cover letter that discusses how they learned about the program, what their goals are related to the internship and why they are uniquely qualified for the role.

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