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Regime change and the transition from one regime type and mode of governance to another do not say much about whether a regime is democratic or whether the rule of law, human rights, or good governance principles are adhered to. What consolidates and successfully transforms democratic institutions into ‘stable democracies’ are the pathways of participatory, inclusive, and trustworthy adherence and compliance with democratic rules and human rights.

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The Global Campus free MOOC on Transitology – Pathways to and from Democracy analyses examples of political transitions and regime changes in different world regions, by asking crucial questions: how do countries and political regimes successfully democratise? And what are the causes of democratic backsliding? How do democracies die, and how do they recover, if at all?

The course is instructor-paced and encompasses 5 weeks with approximately 25 hours of active learning. It is designed for scholars of all levels, practitioners and field workers for development agencies and foundations, diplomats, human rights defenders and members of Civil Society who currently work and fight for democratic political transformation and regime changes in their countries.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to assess case studies in countries and societies worldwide and of their own choice and to write about and speak on any current political process of regime decline or strengthening of certain regime types.


The MOOC is designed by Dr. Anja Mihr (OSCE Academy in Bishkek & Center on Governance through Human Rights in Berlin), who is also the main lecturer in the course. The faculty list includes, among others: Arusyak Aleksanyan, Yerevan State University; Mozn Hassan, Right Livelihood Laureate 2016; Damir Kapidžić, University of Sarajevo; Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Merkel, Social Science Research Centre Berlin; Thomas Millar, European Commission; Leonardo Morlino, LUISS; Jaqueline Moudeina, Right Livelihood Laureate 2011; Pippa Norris, Harvard University.

Registration deadline: 19 March 2023

To participate in the course enrol at: https://edx.gchumanrights.org/courses/course-v1:gchumanrights+ttd+2023/about

For more information visit gchumanrights.org/transitology.html or contact the Global Campus at e-learning@gchumanrights.org.

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