Refugee Rights and Migration Courses

Take free courses in Refugee Rights and Migration offered by top universities and non-governmental organizations at the front lines. Learn about the right to seek asylum, the challenges refugees face and how human rights professionals respond to the humanity crisis around the world.

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Child Protection: Children’s Rights in Theory and Practice

Online Course
🎓 Harvard University
⌛ 32 hours
🗣️ English
Topics: Child Protection, Children’s Resilience, Children’s Rights, Human Rights, Human Rights Law, Refugees & Migration

Asylum and Refugee Law

Online Course
🎓 Université catholique de Louvain
⌛ 72 hours
🗣️ English
Topics: Asylum, Conflict, Freedom of Movement, IDPs, Migrations, Migration Law, Refugees, Refugees & Migration, Refugee Rights, War and Peace

Refugees in the 21st Century

Online Course
🎓 University of London
⌛ 20 hours
🗣️ English
Topics: Freedom of Movement, Migrations, Refugees, Refugees & Migration, Refugee Rights

International migrations: a global issue

Online Course
🎓 Sciences Po
⌛ 7 hours
🗣️ English
Topics: Freedom of Movement, Migrations, Migration Law, Refugees, Refugees & Migration