Scholarships for Refugee & Migration Studies

ESRC Migration Studies Studentship

The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) offers studentships for those interested in pursuing a master’s and/or DPhil in Migration Studies at Oxford University in collobration with Brunel University and the Open University as part of the Grand Union Doctoral Training Partnership. Students must apply for both the studentship and the degree program. Studentships cover the cost of tuition for either four years (master’s and doctoral degree) or three years (doctoral program only).

The Migration Pathway program allows students to study with Oxford’s Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS) and Refugee Studies Centre, world-renowned research centers for their work on international migration. COMPAS is recognized throughout Britain as an authoritative source for data and analysis on migration. The RSC is involved with UNHCR’s innovation council of key stakeholders from both private and public sector agencies.

Students who are part of the Grand Union Doctoral Training Partnership program have access to various other funding and training opportunities. Students at COMPAS and RSC have connections to intergovernmental and international organizations like the World Bank, UNDP, OECD, IOM, and UNHCR. They also have links to research institutions around the world that doctoral students can access. Students in the MSc Refugee and Forced Migration Studies program take an annual trip to Geneva to meet with relevant international organizations. They also have access to meaningful internship opportunities and have obtained careers with relevant global migration agencies following their degree completion.

Ronald & Jane Olsen Scholarship in Refugee Studies

The University of Oxford’s Linacre College offers the Ronald & Jane Olsen Scholarship in Refugee Studies for students pursuing the MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies. Eligible students are automatically considered for this scholarship and do not need to apply through a separate program. This scholarship offers £5,705 for one year, which is £3,205 towards tuition plus £2,500 towards living expenses.

This scholarship and the MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies are connected to Oxford’s Refugee Studies Centre, a leading research and academic center that is engaged in various research and learning programs. The RSC is highly connected to international organizations dealing with issues of forced migration, including UNHCR.

The MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies is a 9-month program designed to prepare students for careers working with refugees and migrants, as well as further academic study. In addition to coursework, students also submit a thesis on relevant research. All students accepted into the program are automatically considered for the Ronald & Jane Olsen Scholarship; there is no restriction on nationality for the scholarship. Only one scholarship is available per year. Immigration Scholarship Essay Contest offers a $500 scholarship for current students, especially those studying immigration law. Students must be admitted to or attending an accredited American university or college. One student is chosen for the scholarship each semester, and the winner will have a check written to their school for tuition or book costs. Students can only receive the scholarship one time. In order to enter, students must submit a 1000 word essay outlining the process of immigration proceedings in the US. Students must be able to describe and demonstrate a deep knowledge and understanding of legal proceedings. Essays must be signed and emailed by the deadline in a Word document that includes the student’s full name, school they are attending, and contact information.

Oxford-Weidenfeld and Hoffmann Scholarships and Leadership Programme

The Oxford-Weidenfeld and Hoffmann Scholarships and Leadership Programme is available to students in a variety of Master’s programs, including the MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies and the MSc in Migration Studies. See the website for a list of eligible countries of origin from which students are able to apply. Students must be planning to return to their country of residence after their studies are complete. In addition to nationality and degree eligibility, students must also demonstrate academic excellence in their prior studies, as well as a commitment to the leadership program curriculum. This scholarship covers the entire cost of tuition plus living expenses (of at least  £14,777) for the entire duration of the degree program.

In addition to receiving the scholarship, students also participate in a leadership development program, which involves around 160 hours of training. Students will participate in workshops and discussions, practical skills training, networking, events and more. These training programs are designed to help students learn presentation and interview skills, examination and revision techniques, essay and editorial writing, and other helpful and relevant skills. At the end of the year, students attend a Leadership Forum along with expert professionals in the field. Students also work together in an Enterprise Challenge, developing an entrepreneurial idea to address a social need.

Oxford QEH Department Scholarships

Oxford University’s Department of International Development (QEH) offers departmental scholarships for admitted students from developing countries as defined by the UN, especially those from Sub-Saharan African countries. These are full tuition awards available to students in any of the QEH degree programs, including the MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies, MSc in Migration Studies, and the DPhil in Migration Studies. For students in multi-year programs, these scholarships may be continued if the student demonstrates outstanding academic achievement.

The QEH Department, including students in the Migration Studies programs, can apply for a variety of other scholarships available to any degree program. The Clarendon Scholarship is awarded to academically excellent students who have proven their potential. This scholarship covers tuition and fees in full and provides a generous living stipend for the full duration of the study program. Commonwealth Scholarships are awarded to students who are Commonwealth citizens for a variety of fields and levels of study. Scholarship amounts vary. Felix Scholarships are available to outstanding students from India and covers the cost of tuition plus living and travel expenses. The George Walford International Essay Prize is awarded to the winner of an annual essay competition. Students must write on systematic ideology and the winner is awarded £3,500 to the college and course of their choice. Oxford-Indira Gandhi Scholarships are available to residents of India and graduates of Indian universities with outstanding academic achievement. They are provided with funding to study a degree related to sustainable development at the University of Oxford. Rotary Scholarships are announced in December or January of each year and are listed on the local Rotary’s website.

Professionals in Humanitarian Assistance & Protection Bursary

Applicants to the MA in Refugee Protection and Forced Migration studies program who are members of the Professionals in Humanitarian Assistance & Protection (PHAP) association. PHAP is an individual-based professional association that aims to bring together all parts of the humanitarian sector through individual membership and organizational relationships. The association offers trainings and networking opportunities for its members.

PHAP members who are in good standing and have their dues paid are eligible to receive a 10% discount on their fees for the MA in Refugee Protection and Forced Migration studies program. Students can apply for this tuition discount as part of their application to the master’s program. They must also provide a scanned copy of their PHAP membership.

Tel Aviv University Migration Studies Scholarships

Tel Aviv University offers several scholarship and funding opportunities for applicants of its MA in Migration Studies program. The university is committed to offering financial assistance to all students through both merit- and need-based scholarship and tuition assistance programs.

The Masa Israel Journey program can provide tuition assistance for adults aged 18-30 to complete this 2-year master’s program. The funding does not cover accommodation. This program specifically targets young adults who identify religiously, ethnically, and/or culturally as Jewish to help them experience Israel through scholarship and studies.

The Israeli Student Authority offers tuition benefits for new immigrants, children of immigrants, returning minors, and immigrant citizens. For students who meet the eligibility requirements and are accepted for the assistance, the program covers full tuition costs for the typical duration of the program. For the MA in Migration Studies, students would receive funding for 2 years of study.

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers scholarship opportunities to students from Argentina, Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada (Quebec Province), China, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Korea, Lithuania, Latvia, Mexico, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Republic of Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey. And the countries of Belgium, Denmark, Germany, India, Great Britain, Finland, France, Japan, Norway, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Russia have a scholarship arrangement with the MFA. Students must already have a bachelor’s degree and be under the age of 35. They must also be proficient in English or Hebrew language. The scholarship is available for one academic year and covers partial tuition fees, monthly allowance for one academic year, and basic health insurance.

US students are eligible to apply for US Federal Student Loans and Grants that can cover tuition for the MA in Migration Studies program.

Tel Aviv University’s School of Social and Policy Studies offers scholarship opportunities to students accepted to its master’s programs, including the MA in Migration Studies. Eligible students must have completed their first degree with honors and/or received an advanced degree with honors from a recognized institution.

Other various scholarships are available to students from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Center and South America, and India, and new immigrants to Israel are eligible for tuition assistance as part of their benefits package upon admission. More merit- and need-based scholarships are listed on the university website, many of which are for students from specific countries.

Maastricht University PhD Positions

Maastricht University’s Centre for Citizenship, Migration, and Development offers several PhD positions for those interested in researching migration. Through PhD researcher positions and doctoral fellowships, those interested in advanced study of migration have several opportunities to apply to conduct research and study through Maastricht University. Each position offers the chance to study a different aspect of migration. Students must hold a master’s degree in a related degree. Different research opportunities have various responsibilities, including teaching and administrative roles, participation in research groups, knowledge of various languages, and more. Students will have the chance to publish their research and to network with experts and professionals in the field throughout the course of their doctoral study period. All migration PhD and doctoral fellowship positions are listed on the university’s website.

University of Bath funding for doctoral research in Humanities and Social Sciences

The University of Bath offers various opportunities for students to conduct doctoral research in Humanities and Social Sciences, including migration studies. Each of the funding opportunities offers different award amounts and has different funding requirements.

The University Research Studentship Award (URSA) offers full tuition funding for up to 3 years. Students also receive funding for an annual training support fee, and UK/EU students receive a living stipend of £14,777 per year.

Research Council Funding is available through various regional research councils in the form of Doctoral Training Partnerships and Centres for Doctoral Training. This also includes the Economic and Social Research Council’s (ESRC) West Doctoral Training Partnership. Only UK/EU students are eligible to apply for a variety of social science degree programs (overseas students are limited to Economics and Advanced Quantitative Methods). Funding covers up to 3 years of study and includes both annual training funding and a living stipend. Around 45 total studentships are available through this program.

The UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in Accountable, Responsible and Transparent AI offers a scholarship for advanced studies for those with a bachelor’s degree in a variety of fields including social science and policy research. Students must have taken a mathematics course at university. The funding is available for 4 years and includes a living stipend of £15,009. Only UK/EU citizens are eligible for this funding.

Students looking to focus on research related to health and migration may also be eligible for the MRC GW4 Biomed DTP Studentship, designed for those interested in studying a variety of health related topics, including mental health and population health. Funding is available to cover full tuition for 3 ½ years plus training support fees and living expenses. This program offers 18 studentships.

The Sadako Ogata Scholarship (Not offered any longer)

The University of London offers the Sadako Ogata Scholarship to financially disadvantaged students interested in pursuing an MA in Refugee Protection and Forced Migration studies, starting in March of the academic year. The award covers the full tuition amount (£8,220). Eligible students must have acceptance to the MA in Refugee Protection and Forced Migration studies program beginning in March and be unable to accept the offer without financial assistance. Students must be a national and resident of a low/lower-middle income country (listed on the site). They must also be able to demonstrate academic achievement. Students must apply for this scholarship separately from the master’s program, providing a personal statement, as well as information about professional experience, past achievements, and their financial situation.

Students who receive the scholarship are required to write a short essay reviewing the impact of their study and research at the end of each academic year during which they receive the scholarship.

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