Human Rights Scholarships

Always check the information below on the official websites as the information might change.  

American University Washington College of Law – The Human Rights Essay Award

The Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, at the American University Washington College of Law, set up the Human Rights Essay Award to encourage the production of scholarly work in international human rights law. For the chance to receive this award, you must submit a legal essay which is no longer than 35 pages. You can view all the specifications for the essay on the application page of the website. Two awards will be granted each year, one for an essay in English and one for an essay in Spanish. With this award, you receive a full scholarship for the programme, Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, as well as grants towards travel, housing and other expenses. Furthermore, you have the chance to be published in the American University International Law Review. The deadline for the essay submission is February every year.

Columbia Law School- Human Rights LL.M. Fellowship

For those who are looking to pursue a LL.M. degree at Columbia University, you have the opportunity to apply for a fellowship. This fellowship is for high achieving students who show the potential to use their education in human rights to become leaders in human rights practice or academia. It consists of a full tuition weaver and, in some cases, a living stipend depending on financial circumstances. Candidates need to demonstrate that they have experience in the field of human rights either in academia or practice. The application consists of a short essay of one or two pages demonstrating your experience and interest in human rights. You will also need letters of recommendation which show your experience and to complete an Application for Financial Assistance. The deadline is in December and you can find all the information about applying on the webpage.

York University – Centre for Applied Human Rights scholarships

York University offers a scholarship for the MA in Applied Human Rights programme for EU/UK students who have already received an offer of full-time study. The value of this scholarship is £2,770. There are also a number of scholarships for International students such as the Academic Excellence Scholarship which grants up to £10,000 for the first year of study. You can see all the scholarships available to both international and EU/UK students on the web page.

Lancaster University – Faculty Postgraduate Scholarships

At Lancaster University you can study a International Human Rights Law LLM and apply for an postgraduate scholarship. The scholarship is for outstanding students, national or international, who hold an offer to study at this university in 2021-2022. There are a number of scholarships available as well as a maintenance grant of £15,000.

London School of Economics – Sir Siegmund Warburg Scholarship

This scholarship, supplied by an anonymous donor, offers Palestinian and Israeli students the opportunity to study MSc Human Rights at LSE. Candidates must be residents of Israel, Palestine/occupied territories or Palestinian camps in Syria, Jordan, or Lebanon with a formal offer to study Msc Human Rights at LSE. The value of the scholarship is expected to be £28,000 which covers the tuition fee. In order to apply you must make a formal application for the programme and, on receiving the offer, eligible students will be invited to apply for the scholarship.

London School of Economics

LSE offers generous scholarships each year to its graduate students from the UK, the EU and outside the EU. Approximately 19 per cent of taught master’s offer holders are successful in obtaining some form of financial support from the School. The value of support ranges in value from 10 per cent of the tuition fee to a full fees and maintenance award.

University of Oxford – Oxford -Brunsfield ASEAN Human Rights Graduate Scholarships

Two scholarships will be awarded to students who are applying for the part-time MSt in International Human Rights Law. Candidates must be residents of Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), Philippines, Singapore, Thailand or Vietnam. There is no separate application process as possible candidates just need to apply for the programme by the deadline in January and they will automatically be considered for the scholarship. The scholarship covers course fees and a study support grant which will help towards travel expenses.

University of Oxford – Alastair McBain International Human Rights Law Scholarship

This scholarship will be awarded to one student who is applying to study a MSt in International Human Rights Law and is a resident of one of the following countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia or Slovenia. This scholarship also covers course fees and a support grant, which will help towards travel expenses, and there is no separate application process. Candidates simply need to apply for the programme in accordance with the January deadline.

University of Groningen – EU Talent Grant Law

At the University of Groningen, you can study the International Human Rights Law LLM, as well as a number of other law programmes, and be eligible for the EU Talent Grant Law. Candidates must be from the EU and admitted to one of the LLM programmes. The grant amount is 500 euros and approximately 18 grants will be awarded. You will need to complete an application and provide a motivation letter as part of the application process.

Ulster University – LLM Scholarships

Ulster University offers three different scholarships to students who want to study one of their LLM programmes thanks to the Transitional Justice Institute. Particularly qualified candidates have the chance to receive the Anna Eggert bursary for Gender, Conflict and Human Rights if they are applying for the programme entitled Gender, Conflict and Human Rights LLM. The Garfield Weston trust bursary is available to students applying to any of the Human Rights LLM programmes offered at this university. And finally, the Transitional Justice Institute bursary for Human Rights and Transitional Justice is available to students who are applying to study this programme. See the website for more information on how to apply for one of these human rights courses and scholarships.

Abo Akademi University – Scholarship Programme

At this university, you can apply to study the International Law and Human Rights programme. Students from the EU will not have to pay tuition fees to study at Abo Akademi University, but for international students there is a fee. Because of this, international students will have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to cover their tuition fees. You can apply for three different scholarships depending on how much financial support you require. The first covers all tuition fees and living expenses, the second covers just tuition fees and the third covers half of the tuition fees. All scholarships are awarded for 2 years and are granted based on the academic performance of applicants as well as their answers in the application process.

Birkbeck University – Scholarships

At Birkbeck University you can apply to study either an MA or LLM in Human Rights. They also offer a number of scholarships specifically for international students. For example, the international merit scholarship is available to students from Japan, Russia, South Korea, Turkey, Latin America, South-East Asia and Taiwan and awards £2500-£5000. On receiving an offer from Birkbeck, students must email a 500-word essay with details why they should be chosen for the scholarship. Similar scholarships are offered to residents of India, Latin America and commonwealth countries. There is also a Career Experience Scholarship and World Citizen Talent Scholarship for students who can demonstrate practical experience and knowledge in the field of human rights and how they can use this experience to contribute to the classroom. You can view information about all of these scholarships on the webpage.

Lund University – Scholarships

At Lund University you can study a Master’s in International Human Rights and apply for a number of scholarships. The Lund University Global Scholarship Programme recognises top academic students form outside the EU. The Swedish Institute Scholarship also offers scholarships to international students applying to study at any level in Sweden. Furthermore, there are country-specific scholarship and funding options which have been arranged through the university’s agreements with funding bodies in countries such as Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Colombia, Russia and Chile, as well as the US, Canada and the UK. You can see all the information about these scholarships on the webpage.

Leeds University – School of Law Liberty Scholarship

If you are looking to study the International Human Rights Law LLM at Leeds University, you can apply for this scholarship. The scholarship is offered to both EU/UK nationals and international students who hold an offer to study this programme. To apply, you must have strong academic results from your undergraduate degree and supporting documentation. The deadline will be in July 2019.

University of Gothenburg – Scholarships

The University of Gothenburg offers a Master’s programme in Social Work and Human Rights. Here you can apply for a number of university scholarships including The University of Gothenburg Study Scholarship which covers the full tuition fee for international students. There is also a scholarship for Syrian nationals, the Volvo Group Scholarship for citizens of the Republic of China and Republic of India, and The Richard C. Malmsten Memorial Foundation Scholarship. You can view all the scholarships and application requirements on the website.

University of Edinburgh – Binks Trust Scholarships

At the University of Edinburgh, you can study an LLM in Human Rights. This programme focuses on addressing crucial global challenges spanning the ambit of civil and political, social, economic and cultural rights with a focus on Edinburgh’s varied peace and human rights initiatives.  Funding opportunities are provided by the Global Justice Academy through the generous support of the Binks Trust. A number of awards are offered to new applicants for full-time study starting in September. Each scholarship is worth £8000 and they are offered each year. Visit the website for information on how to apply.

University of Oxford – Commonwealth Scholarships

Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships are designed for individuals from low income Commonwealth countries who want to study a UK Master’s degree while living and working in their home country. The scholarships are funded by the UK Department for International Development which contributes to the development needs of Commonwealth countries by providing training for skilled professionals. The award is for postgraduate students who wish to access training not available in their home country, who remain in their home country while they study and who have the potential to enhance development in their home countries with the knowledge that they acquire from studying abroad. The scholarship covers course fees and reading materials for two years of the course and also provides a study grant intended to assist with travel. View the website for information on how to apply.

University of Melbourne – Australia Awards Scholarship

This award is offered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to international students. It is intended for people from developing countries, particularly located in the Indo-Pacific region, who want to undertake full-time undergraduate or postgraduate study at participating Australian universities. You can apply for this scholarship if you are planning to study the Master of Human Rights Law programme at the University of Melbourne. The scholarship covers the full tuition fee and return air travel as well as providing a living allowance and other benefits. See the website for more details on what is included in the award and how to apply.

University of Melbourne – Endeavor Scholarship

The Australian Government Department of Education and Training provides the Endeavour Leadership programme which works to increase international research and education engagement between Australia and priority countries in key fields of education, research and innovation. It is offered to individuals from Australia and overseas who want to develop their knowledge and expertise. If you are looking to study the Master of Human Rights Law programme at the University of Melbourne, you can apply or this scholarship. Find all the information on how to apply for the course and scholarship on the website.

University of Birmingham – College of Arts and Law Scholarships

This scholarship is offered every year to students hoping to study an LLM at Birmingham Law School. Scholarships are awarded on academic merit and they cover one year’s tuition fees. Candidates must complete an online application form, supported by two references, and must have already enrolled in their intended programme. Both national and international students are eligible and you can find out more about how to apply on the website.

University of Birmingham – Kalisher Trust LLM Scholarship

This scholarship is available to students wishing to study the LLM Criminal Law and Criminal Justice programme or the LLM General programme, which gives you the opportunity to decide which areas of law you are most interested in, giving you the option to specialise in human rights law. The scholarship covers the cost of tuition as well as offering £6000 towards maintenance costs. Candidates must meet the requirements specified on the website and submit an application form which includes an 800-word statement on why you should be considered for the scholarship. You must also be a resident of the UK or EU. See the website for more information of requirements and how to apply.

Central European University – CEU Master’s Scholarship

For students interested in either the M.A. in Human Rights or the LL.M. in Human Rights offered by the department of Legal Studies at CEU, there are several scholarships that you can apply for which are available each year. The CEU Master’s scholarship covers the tuition fee, health insurance and includes a monthly stipend of HUF 50,000-HUF 96,000 to assist with living costs. You can also apply for the CEU Master’s Tuition Award which offers the same benefits. Permanent residents of Budapest are not eligible.

Central European University – Butler Scholarship

This award is specifically for Hungarian students pursuing an MA in Cultural Heritage Studies, who are committed to using their degrees to make a lasting impact in Hungary through cultural heritage management and policy. If you are interested in heritage law and the impact of destruction of heritage on human rights, then this programme might be of interest to you. You can find more information about the programme, scholarship and how to apply on the website.

Leiden University – Excellence Scholarship (LExS)

At Leiden University, you can enrol in the European and International Human Rights Law Master’s programme and apply for this scholarship which is given to excellent students from non-EU/EEA/EFTA countries who are joining an LLM Advanced Studies programme or the Master’s in International Relations and Diplomacy programme. You can find all the conditions and how to apply on the website.

Leiden University – CEU- Praesidium Libertatis Scholarship

This scholarship is offered by Leiden University to recent graduates of the Central European University (CEU) who wish to follow a Master programme in a field related to governance, sustainable development and social transformation. This includes areas of study from the Faculty of Humanities, Governance and Global Affairs, Law and Social and Behavioural Sciences and includes programmes such as European and International Human Rights Law and Public International Law. The scholarship consists of a tuition fee waver for one academic year and a monthly stipend of 1,164 euros for a 10-month period. See all the benefits and requirements as well as how to apply on the website.

Leiden University – Holland Scholarship

This scholarship is specifically for Bachelor’s students who want to follow an English-taught programme. You will not be eligible if you are from the EU/EEA or Switzerland. The programmes which you can enrol in as a Bachelor’s student include International Relations and Organisations and International Studies. The scholarship is in the amount of 5000 euros which you will receive in your first year of study. For more information on how to apply, and the programmes that you can apply for, visit the website.

Geneva Academy – Scholarships

If you are applying to study the LLM in International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights or the Master of Advanced Studies in Transitional Justice, Human Rights and the Rule of Law at the Geneva Academy, then you can apply for partial or full scholarships. Full scholarships are only available for citizens of non-Western countries but every year partial scholarships are awarded to EU citizens. The scholarships are based on academic merit. See the website for more information on the application process and other sources of funding.

Human Rights Scholarships provided by Organizations

American Civil Liberties Union of Utah

This scholarship is available to Utah High School Seniors who have taken action to protect civil liberties. This scholarship is offered every year and 2019 will be the 12th year in a row that this scholarship has been awarded. The scholarship grants 1500 USD to at least two scholars. To apply, you need to complete a short application from and submit a 1000-word essay on your commitment to work on behalf of civil liberties, as well as a school transcript and two recommendations from non-family members. You can view information on how to apply, and what you need to qualify, on the website.

Japanese American Citizens League – Minoru Yasui Memorial Scholarship

The Japanese American Civil League offers scholarships each year to students who are members of the JACL and memberships are open to everyone. Applicants must be planning to attend a university or higher education institution in the United States. There are a number of scholarships that you can apply for including the Minoru Yasui Memorial Scholarship for students with a strong interest in human rights and civil rights who are planning to study in the fields of sociology, law or education.

Japanese American Citizens League – Thomas T. Hayashi Memorial Scholarship

Another scholarship offered by the JACL is the Thomas T. Hayashi Memorial Scholarship which is offered in memory of a civil rights advocate and attorney in international law. If you are planning on studying international law and human rights, this scholarship would be a good option. There are also other law scholarships which you can see on the website.

American- Scandinavian Foundation – Fellowships/Grants to Study in Scandinavia

Most Norwegian institutes have various bilateral agreements with foreign institutions of higher education designed for the mutual exchange of students, research and teachers. There are also national programmes that offer scholarships for international students wishing to study in Norway, so if you are thinking of studying human rights in Norway, there are a number of funding options available which are offered every year. The American- Scandinavian Foundation offers fellowships to individuals who want to pursue research, study or creative arts in Scandinavian countries. This award programme is offered to Americans and Scandinavians who are engaged in study, research or creative arts projects. If you are American, you can find funding for research in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden. You can also enter their translation competition if you are able to translate from Nordic languages into English. Find more information about these scholarships and awards, as well as information on how to apply, on the website.

The EEA and Norway Grants

The EEA and Norway Grants are designed to contribute to reducing economic and social disparities and strengthening bilateral relations with EU countries. Grants are available for NGOs and institutions as well as students. To see what funding is available, search for the relevant county you would like to study in on the website under How to Apply.

Government of Canada International Scholarships Programs

Whether you are a Canadian citizen looking to study internationally or a non-Canadian citizen looking to study in Canada, the Canadian government provides a number of funding opportunities. Canada is committed to participation in international study and research partnerships that build understanding among peoples, develop global citizens and leaders and contribute to the development of nations. For this reason, Global affairs Canada is responsible for the Government of Canada’s participation in major International Scholarship programmes. For non-Canadian citizens, there are opportunities, such as the Canada-CARICOM Leadership Scholarship programme, which you can apply for if you are from one of the CARICOM countries. View the website to see all the available scholarships and how to apply.