Master Social Work as a Human Rights Profession

Through a combination of research and practice, this master program offers an in-depth understanding on implementation of the idea of human rights in theory and practice of social work. This interdisciplinary program combines social sciences with standards and instruments of international human rights with a focus on the triple mandate of social work: world society and social development, social problems and human rights violation, and international law in a social work perspective. It also focuses on the development of human rights method and intervention for different fields of social work.

The curriculum of the program includes courses on migration and racism, poverty and social exclusion, health and human rights, children’s rights, human rights education, management of change, gender, and diversity of human rights. Besides conducting a research for their master thesis, students are also required to develop and realized the Human Rights Praxis Project that is connected to the issue of social work and human rights. With the assistance and guidance of the program lecturers, students are encouraged to acquire independently additional methodical knowledge in the are of their interest, and critically justify and reflect their strategies.

Upon completion of the program students are equipped with the skills and knowledge required to identify issues relevant to human rights theory, social policies, areas of activity of social work and problem areas, as well as the ability to promote a professional practice based on human rights. Graduates of this program meet the job market requirements in the area of social services, international governmental, non-governmental and private organizations, as well as in free-lance and consultancy.

Admission requirements

  • Completed an undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline (social work, social sciences, law, humanities, cultural sciences)
  • A minimum of 1 year of voluntary or professional work experience in a related field
  • Proof of an adequate training in research skills
  • Proficiency in English

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