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A Law Student’s Toolkit

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Yale University
4-6 hours (per week)
International Law
3 Weeks

A Law Student’s Toolkit is an online course offered by Yale University. The course is intended for undergraduate students and recent graduates who are interested in attending law school. During the course, students will learn important skills and tips that can contribute to success while pursuing a law degree. No previous knowledge, work experience or coursework is required for success in the class.

Divided into three modules, A Law Student’s Toolkit is ideally meant to be spread across three weeks of study; however, the nature of the course allows the modules to be self paced. Each module includes a number of videos that illustrate the key topics of the class. Supplemental readings are assigned to provide more information and deepen students’ understanding. To assess mastery of the concepts, the instructor assigns short quizzes and projects each week. Students who receive passing grades on all the quizzes and assignments will receive a passing grade in the course. Verified certificates of completion are available for a small fee.

The first module of A Law Student’s Toolkit discusses categories and distinctions that are important to understanding legal rules and policies. At the end of the module, students will know the basic vocabulary required to discuss a number of legal topics. The second module focuses on legal structures and how law relates to economics, philosophy, and psyhcology. During the final module, students learn about evidentiary tools and preparatory tools that are helpful in law school and beyond.

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