Human Rights Online Courses

vma_human_rightsInternational Human Rights
Université catholique de Louvain | Edx

vma_human_rightsRevolutionary Ideas: Borders, Elections, Constitutions, Prisons
University of Pennsylvania |

vma_human_rightsGender Equality and Sexual Diversity
MOOC Chile | Udemy

vma_human_rightsHuman Rights: The Rights of Refugees
Amnesty International | Edx

vma_human_rightsHuman Rights Theory and Philosophy
Curtin University | Edx

vma_human_rightsSocial Norms, Social Change II
UNICEF, University of Pennsylvania | Coursera

University of Pennsylvania | Coursera

vma_human_rightsIntroduction to International Criminal Law
Case Western Reserve University | Coursera

vma_human_rightsResilience in Children Exposed to Trauma, Disaster and War
University of Minnesota | Coursera

vma_human_rightsChildren’s Human Rights – An Interdisciplinary Introduction
University of Geneva | Coursera

vma_human_rightsHuman Rights: The Right to Freedom of Expression
Amnesty International | Edx

vma_human_rightsConfronting Gender Based Violence: Global Lessons for Healthcare Workers
Johns Hopkins University | Coursera

vma_human_rightsInternational Law In Action: Investigating and Prosecuting International Crimes
University Leiden | Coursera

vma_human_rightsSocial Norms, Social Change I
UNICEF, University of Pennsylvania | Coursera

vma_human_rightsFrom Freedom Rides to Ferguson: Narratives of Nonviolence in the American Civil Rights Movement
Emory University | Coursera

vma_human_rightsHuman Rights and Development Human Rights and Development
Curtin University | Edx

vma_human_rightsFreedom of Expression in the Age of Globalization
Columbia University | Edx

vma_human_rightsRevolutionary Ideas: Utility, Justice, Equality, Freedom
University of Pennsylvania | Coursera

vma_human_rightsHuman Rights for Open Societies
Utrecht University | Coursera

vma_human_rightsGlobal Diplomacy – The United Nations in the World
University of London, SOAS | Coursera

vma_human_rightsThe Changing Global Order
Universiteit Leiden | Coursera

vma_human_rightsNonprofit Specialisation: Improving Leadership & Governance
State University of New York | Coursera

vma_human_rightsThe Age of Sustainable Development
Columbia University | Coursera

vma_human_rightsStorytelling for Change
The Ariel Group | Acumen

vma_human_rightsGlobal Diplomacy – Diplomacy in the Modern World
University of London, SOAS University of London | Coursera

vma_human_rightsWorkers’ Rights in a Global Economy
Penn State School of Labor and Employment Relations | Iversity

vma_human_rightsHuman Rights Activism, Advocacy and Change
Curtin University | Edx

vma_human_rightsDecent Work in Global Supply Chains
Penn State School of Labor and Employment Relations | Iversity

vma_human_rightsInternational Human Rights Law
Université catholique de Louvain | Edx

vma_human_rightsA Guide to the International Courts and Tribunals in The Hague
Universiteit Leiden | Coursera

vma_human_rightsEU policy and implementation – making Europe work!
Universiteit Leiden | Coursera

vma_human_rightsWomen in Leadership: Inspiring Positive Change!
Case Western Reserve University | Coursera

vma_human_rightsEssentials of Nonprofit Strategy
Stanford Law School | Novoed

vma_human_rightsInternational Women’s Health & Human Rights
Stanford University | Coursera

vma_human_rightsHow to Change the World
Wesleyan University | Coursera

vma_human_rightsTerrorism and Counterterrorism: Comparing Theory and Practice
Universiteit Leiden | Coursera

vma_human_rightsART of the MOOC: Activism and Social Movements
Duke University | Coursera

vma_human_rightsIntroduction to Human Rights
José Zalaquett | Udemy

vma_human_rightsInternational Humanitarian Law
Université catholique de Louvain | Edx

vma_human_rightsThe EU and Human Rights
KU Leuven University | Edx