Peace and Conflict Courses

Peace and conflict studies identify and analyze violent and non-violent behaviors as well as the structural mechanisms attending conflicts. Learn about the mechanisms and dynamics of war and peace and what role stakeholders such as the United Nations play in the tackling conflict and maintaining peace.

Related topics: United NationsHumanitarian Action Diversity and Inclusion | Refugees and Migration | Social Justice | International Law | Peace and Conflict | Sustainable Development | Global HealthHuman Rights

Global Media, War, and Technology

Online Course
🎓 University of Queensland
⌛ 14 hours
🗣️ English
Topics: Conflict, Resistance, War and Peace

Environmental Challenges: Scarcity and Conflict in the Natural Environment

Online Course
🎓 University of Leeds
⌛ 8 hours
🗣️ English
Topics: Climate Justice, Conflict, Environment, UN SDGs, War and Peace

Asylum and Refugee Law

Online Course
🎓 Université catholique de Louvain
⌛ 72 hours
🗣️ English
Topics: Asylum, Conflict, Freedom of Movement, IDPs, Migrations, Migration Law, Refugees, Refugees & Migration, Refugee Rights, War and Peace

Terrorism and Counterterrorism

Online Course
🎓 Leiden University
⌛ 24 hours
🗣️ English
Topics: Conflict, Counterterrorism, Crisis Response, War and Peace