The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) launches a series of cutting-edge e-learning courses to prepare international affairs professionals to work effectively and efficiently in the digital era.

Designed by UNITAR in collaboration with world-class experts, these programmes will cover a wide range of topics such as digital technology, decision-making during pandemic, negotiation deadlocks, UN protocol and cosmopolitan communication.

Diplomacy 4.0 – Beyond the Digital Frontier explores the nexus between diplomacy and technology by delving into the areas of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, scientific advancements and other significant issues.

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Science Diplomacy and Decisionmaking highlights two cross-cutting questions: How does science enable allies and adversaries alike to build common interests? How can science promote cooperation and prevent conflict?

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UN Protocol and Etiquette examines that the diplomat or professional working within or in cooperation with United Nations often requires an in-depth understanding of the various layers of protocol and formal rules

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Overcoming Negotiation Deadlocks sheds light on the challenge that renewed multilateralism is closely linked to the ability of the international community to foster truly productive negotiation processes in a rapidly evolving global context.

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Cosmopolitan Communication emphasizes the need to constantly develop cross-cultural competences in order to operate effectively in a multilateral setting and avoid barriers, misunderstandings and prejudices.

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UNITAR´s e-Learning courses are moderated by senior international experts and professionals working at UN agencies, local and regional experts from government ministries and other intergovernmental organizations.

Courses last four to six weeks, allow participants to study in a self-paced manner and involve live-webinars with its experts. The average workload for a course is 6 – 8 study hours per week, with the total workload around 30 hours on average.

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