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2 Funded PhD Studentships in Law and Human Rights

Funded PhD Studentship: Respecting Human Rights and the Rule of Law in Cyberspace

The Law: Funded PhD Studentship: Respecting Human Rights and the Rule of Law in Cyberspace is a research scholarship that focuses on how the nature and extent of criminal activity in cyberspace and the low levels of successful criminal prosecutions pose stark questions for respect for the rule of law in this new frontier as well as the human rights of victims. This project further explores the nature of human rights challenges in terms of the obligations of the state to respect human rights online. The objective is to come up with a conceptual framework and policy that can help in the endeavor of addressing the issues that are frequently encountered in this respect.

In order to be eligible for this scholarship students must have or must expect to obtain a first class honours degree or its equivalent in a Master’s in Law. There must also be a proven interest in the advancement and application of human rights law. Because of funding restrictions, this scholarship is only open to residents of the United Kingdom and Europe. This scholarship covers the cost of any tuition fees for three years up to 14,553 pounds. It also comes with a stipend for that three years as well as travel and accommodation assistance worth 500 pounds.

Applying is simple. Like other scholarships, to apply for the Law: Funded PhD Studentship: Respecting Human Rights and the Rule of Law in Cyberspace, send in your CV. You also need to include information about your motivation and suitability for this project along with what challenges you feel the government’s monitoring and tracking of social media present.

Fully-funded four-year Ph.D. in Law

This fully funded, four-year Ph.D. in Law is offered at the European University Institute Florence located in Florence, Italy. With this scholarship, students will be studying the obstacles that private, international and European law faces. You will explore the worldwide dimensions, allowing you to research in a way that transcends the national boundaries; collaborate and learn from academics, practitioners and experts that perform research for the department; develop yourself and understand how to write a top-notch thesis.

You also get the chance to create strong intellectual links between the faculty and other researchers at the school. Seminars, close supervision and active working groups offer a great exchange of ideas and knowledge in order to help build your intellectual autonomy and shape your research into something that is completely new and completely your own.

There are approximately 150 of these scholarships handed out during a year, and these scholarships cover a monthly grant as well as tuition fees. This fully funded, four-year Ph.D. in Law is available to students who currently live in the United Kingdom and a few select European countries as well. In most cases, all EU nationals will have a chance to be selected. Full funding may not be available to all applicants; therefore, it is important to read the fully detailed program guide in order to be sure.

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