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5 L.L.M Human Rights Distance Learning Programmes

Long distance learning offers students the flexibility to continue working while furthering their education at the same time. Such programmes are highly valuable for individuals who wish to maintain their current professional or personal occupations but still further their academic engagement. The following article outlines five L.L.M. degrees in the field of human rights offered as long distance learning programmes.

L.L.M. with Specialisation in Human Rights, University of London

The specialisation in Human Rights Law at the University of London is one of the most in-demand programmes offered by the Postgraduate Law Faculty. The programme challenges students to engage with human rights issues from the perspective of governments, international bodies, individuals and corporations. Furthermore, the programme unpacks the complexities involved in the promotion of human rights values and protection, focusing specifically on the rights of women, children and refugees. Important legal frameworks are unpacked and their effectiveness analysed. The programme content is written and delivered by individuals renowned in the field of human rights who seek to transfer both their academic and practical experience to students. The course is designed specifically to accommodate for professionals and is structured so as to allow flexibility of study-period as well as course-work submission. The programme offers the option to study from 1-5 years full or part-time.

L.L.M. in International Human Rights Law, De Montfort University, Leicester

Aimed at professionals already practicing in the field of human rights, this course provides students with the opportunity to develop their academic training so as to differentiate themselves in the job market and boost employability. With the flexibility offered by the distance learning platform, students can do all this without sacrificing their current and on-going professional pursuits. The course is delivered in partnership with Informa Professional Academy, an organisation dedicated to facilitate the furthering of professionals’ postgraduate education. Over the course of two and a quarter years, students will be expected to undertake a series of modules which combine the study of the origins of international human rights law and thinking with a thorough training in the international human rights legal system. Additionally, students must submit a dissertation which critically engages with a theme related to international human rights law.

L.L.M. in Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Aberystwyth University

Allowing students a maximum of five years to complete their degree, this distance learning L.L.M. provides students with all the necessary resources to achieve high academic results in the study of human rights and humanitarian law. The flexible programme can be designed so as to suit the needs of each individual student, requiring the completion of a certain set number of module courses as well as a dissertation by the end of the five years. For the dissertation component, students are encouraged to do research on a topic that is relevant to their professional pursuits. There is a biennial residential weekend where students attend lectures and seminars which stimulate debates around the topics being covered in the distance courses. Attendance at these weekends is highly recommended as it provides the opportunity to interact with other students as well as the programme lecturers and co-ordinators.

Master’s in International Human Rights Law, Oxford University

This programme is offered jointly by the Department for Continuing Education and the Faculty of Law and takes place on a part-time basis over a period of 22 months. The programme is structured as such so as to accommodate for lawyers and others human rights practitioners who wish to further their studies while continuing their practice in the field. During the learning period, students will complete two distance-learning modules online as well as two learning periods based at the Oxford campus. The course has a focus on human rights in practice. The aim is to ensure that students not only know the law around human rights, but can use it to implement change in the real world. Furthermore, in grappling with the scope and limitations of international human rights law, students are pushed to think analytically about what further research needs there are around the subject.

Master of Laws in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, American University Washington College of Law

This hybrid programme, offered by the Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, is designed as a combination of online and residential course components so as to accommodate for human rights practitioners and advocates who wish to pursue advanced education while continuing their professional activities. The programme provides students with specialised training in the constitutional and legal frameworks that underlie international human rights law. Furthermore, the course is offered in both English and Spanish and it is the only course of its kind in the United States. The structure of the programme requires students to take two online courses and to participate in two, three-week summer session at the Washington College Law campus. Writing and externship requirements can be completed off-campus.

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