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Amnesty International Jobs Around the World

Amnesty International began in 1961 with the publication of an article by a British lawyer expressing his anger at the jailing of two Portuguese students. Their crime? Giving a simple toast to freedom. The lawyer, Peter Benenson, didn’t stop with writing. He launched a campaign, and others joined. In July 1961, delegates from around the world decided to set up a permanent organization. While originally focused on political prisoners, Amnesty’s goals quickly expanded into stopping torture, and then beyond. Now, Amnesty also focuses on issues like abolishing the death penalty; ending discrimination; protecting reproductive and sexual rights; and protecting refugees and defending and protecting all human rights. It can be a very rewarding experience to work for Amnesty International and to be part of a global movement defending human rights.

How is Amnesty International structured?

Amnesty International originally just had one large base in London, England, but in the 50+ years of its operation, it’s grown. There are now “sections” in more than 70 countries, which are supported by regional offices. The sections are responsible for tasks like lobbying local governments; campaigning and fundraising; researching on the state of human rights within the country; and engaging the public in human rights activities. In London you can find the International Secretariat (IS) of Amnesty International. It’s overseen by an International Board and keeps the organization’s voice united. The IS also oversees reporting and research; monitors the finances of the organization; and supports/maintains technological services.

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Amnesty International Jobs  

If you’re interested in working for Amnesty International, you can find jobs at the International Secretariat or at the different sections. To learn more about the state of human rights in countries where Amnesty can be found, you can explore the “Countries” tab on Amnesty’s main website. All countries are listed alphabetically, and clicking on one takes you to an overview, research and reports, news, and more. Many sections also have their own websites where they get into more depth. Here are some of the section career websites, where you can explore available jobs with Amnesty International.

The job process

When applying for a job at the International secretariat of Amnesty International. You create an online profile and submit an application for the role you’re interested in. You will provide work experience and education, as well as any research or publications. A CV and cover letter may also be part of the application. The Recruitment Team will then work with the hiring manager, and within 2 weeks of the job’s closing date, you will see an update to your profile’s status, if you’ve been selected for the Interview stage. If selected, you’ll get an email and choose a time slot. There are usually two rounds, one remote, and one in person, with testing on your competencies, depending on what sort of job you applied for. The interview panel will most likely include the job’s line manager, a potential colleague, and other staff expert.

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