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British Council offers course on Migrants and Refugees in Education

Migrants and Refugees in Education: A Toolkit for Teachers is an online teaching course offered by the British Council. The course is taught by a lecturer in applied linguistics at the University of Reading in the UK, a researcher and developer of training courses for teachers and an English as a second language educator. Anyone who is currently working with migrants and refugees in an educational setting or interested in working in such a capacity can benefit from the course. There are no educational or work experience requirements and only a computer, smartphone or tablet with Internet access is necessary for the class.

Presented through online videos, Migrants and Refugees in Education: A Toolkit for Teachers consists of four modules. Students complete one video module with supplemental readings, discussions, assignments and activities each week. The class lasts for four weeks in all and requires a time commitment of roughly three hours per week.

At the start of the course, students will receive an overview of the current global trends in migration and the factors that are currently contributing to these trends. The class then focuses on the importance of language use and development in migration. Students next learn about the various educational pathways that can support the learning of refugee students and how communities can assist with this learning. In addition, the class covers how important it is for teachers to overcome discrimination and biases and create inclusive classrooms. Students will also receive advice on how to help refugees deal with trauma and loss.

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