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10 Feminist Organizations Around the World Doing Fantastic Work

Here are the top 10 feminist organizations around the world focused on helping women and girls:

Women’s Global Empowerment Fund

Founded in 2007, this nonprofit helps women in Uganda. It provides access to microcredit loans; leadership and business training; literacy training; and more. The goal is to develop programs that can help reduce poverty and empower women economically, socially, and politically.

World Pulse

This organization’s goal is to harness social media and technology for good. On the social network, women can connect, share their stories and ideas, and more. It currently has users in 190 countries. Programs with World Pulse include Voices of the Future, which helps train and educate women on using technology and digital media.

Global Grassroots

Using two main programs, Global Grassroots works to promote leadership in women and girls, so they can impact their communities. The programs are the Academy for Conscious Change, which is focused on marginalized women in post-conflict regions; and Young Women’s Academy for Conscious Change, which is focused on girls between high school graduation and college.

Global Fund For Women

Through partnerships with other feminist organizations and activist groups, the Global Fund For Women campaigns on issues such as reproductive rights, political empowerment, and sexual assault. The group is currently active in over 170 countries, and partners with 5,000 other orgs.

Happy Period

Periods are something anyone with a uterus experiences, and while it can be annoying for many, it’s a real problem for the homeless and anyone else without access to supplies. Happy Period builds kits for distribution and gets the community involved to help destigmatize periods and raise awareness.

National Organization for Women

One of the older groups on this list with a founding date of 1966, the National Organization for Women focuses on grassroot activism. Its goals include protecting women’s rights, ending violence against women, achieving racial justice, and so on.

Association for Women’s Right in Development

A membership organization (meaning it’s made of different organizations coming together), the AWID has a presence in 19 countries. They serve as an advocate for policies that empower and support women’s rights. Priority issues include universal rights and justice, and giving resources to feminist movements.

UN Women

A United Nations organization, UN Women is dedicated to gender equality and empowering women. It started in 2011 and focuses on issues like leadership and political involvement, ending violence against women, HIV and AIDS, and economic empowerment.

The Women’s Refugee Commission

Founded in 1989, this organization’s focus is to improve the lives of displaced women and girls. The commission conducts research, comes up with possible solutions, and advocates for pro-women and pro-children policies. Their goal is for displaced women, children, and youth to be safe and self-reliant, with their rights protected.

Pro Mujer

This organization for women in South and Central America provides resources like financial services, business and leadership training, and health care, so women can break free from poverty’s vicious cycle. Pro Mujer was founded in 1990 based on microlending, and became a major force for women’s development.

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