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Learn about the human rights laws that govern international migration. Investigate failures to protect the rights of refugees and develop a critical understanding of migration issues from climate change to human trafficking.

Migration law encompasses instruments from a variety of sources. They include human rights law, humanitarian law, refugee law, criminal law, and labor law. On the human rights level, international and regional conventions and documents explicitly reference migrants and refugees and recognize their need for special protection. Freedom of movement, the right to asylum, the right to family reunification, and the right to non-refoulement are just some examples of the rights that are critical in this context.

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To shed light on these complex issues, University of Kent is offering an ExpertTrack on International Migration Law that can be taken entirely online. In this learning experience you will develop extensive knowledge about the instruments of international migration law, learn to apply international treaties to case studies, and explore existing international protection mechanisms for asylum seekers and refugees. After completing the ExpertTrack, you will be able to make complex legal arguments concerning state practice and be better equipped to assess current political discourses on critical migration issues. The ExpertTrack will also enable you to identify failures of state actors in providing protection to refugees and asylum seekers. The ExpertTrack consists of three courses:

Law and the Framing of Migrants and Migration

In the first part of this ExpertTrack, you will examine essential terminology as it relates to migration and the rights of refugees. You will explore the sources of international migration law and develop critical thinking skills when analyzing current and previous media depictions of migrants and migration.

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Freedom of Movement, Refugees, Traffickers, and Smugglers

In this course you will learn about the laws that govern human migration, explore the scope and application of the right to freedom of movement, and analyze protocols that relate to human trafficking and smuggling.

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Law’s Absence and Law’s Failings

In this part of the course, you will investigate human rights law and the protections it provides to migrants and vulnerable groups. You will examine how international law affects internally displaced persons and learn about the universality of human rights for undocumented migrants. The course also contains chapters on environmental displacement and immigration detention.

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Throughout the courses you will be able to discuss migration issues together with learners from around the world, share your experiences, concerns and ideas, and get feedback from other participants.

The ExpertTrack is taught by Sian Lewis-Anthony, who is Senior Lecturer in Law at Kent Law School and specializes in International Human Rights Law and International Migration Law.

The self-paced ExpertTrack takes roughly 12 weeks to complete with a weekly commitment of 2-4 hours. You can start a free 7-day trial before committing to any payment. Upon successful completion of the ExpertTrack, you will be eligible for a verified certificate issued by University of Kent that you can add to LinkedIn or your CV.

The course is a great asset for everyone interested in migration law and especially relevant for students, lawyers, NGO workers, and professionals who want to advocate for the rights of migrants and refugees.

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