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University of London launches course on United Nations

Learn about the key functions of the United Nations and develop analysis, policy and communication skills.

The University of London and SOAS University of London are launching a free massive open online course about the United Nations. This seven week course requires a weekly commitment of three hours and is taught entirely in English.

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This course is a well-researched introduction to the United Nations System and its agencies. You will learn about the origin and history of the United Nations and gain a basic understanding of the conditions and context that led to the establishment of the UN.

During the course you will explore the role of core UN bodies such as the UN Security Council and learn about its structure, operations and powers. The course will encourage you to examine the fundamental issues that determine the existence of the UN Security council, including the status of the permanent members, its ability to carry out its function, and the prospects for reform.
An entire week of the course is dedicated to human rights at the UN. You will learn about the most important documents and declarations that govern the global human rights landscape and mechanisms and discover how they are applied.

In the final weeks of the course you will learn how UN Agencies are involved in humanitarian work and how the UN responds to humanitarian crises and conflict.

While the course contents are available for free, you may opt-in for a verified certification offered by University of London and SOAS for an extra fee. Financial aid is available on request for those who qualify through the Coursera platform.

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