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5 Blended Human Rights Masters Degrees


International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (European University Viadrina)

The International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Master of Laws Degree program is an 18-month post-graduate program that is offered by European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) in Frankfurt (Oder), Germany,  and focuses on the protection of fundamental human rights on an international level. This curriculum incorporates general rights protections both in terms of peace and war, but especially during times of conflict. This course consists of items including but not limited to civil, political, social, cultural and economic rights with a focus on the rights of women, children, minorities and indigenous peoples; democracy, the economy, the media and law enforcement alongside how it plays into fundamental human rights across the globe.

Citizenship and Human Rights (Glasgow Caledonian University)

The Citizenship and Human Rights Masters of Science degree program is a postgraduate program offered by the Glasgow Caledonian University in Glasgow, United Kingdom, that involves a number of different teaching methods and is designed for volunteers and professionals alike who work between the market and the state and want to give a push to the human rights in society with a focus on social responsibility, anti-discrimination, accountability and participative democracy. It includes courses that include Globalization and Migration, Leadership for Equality, Human Rights, Citizenship and Practice and will conclude with a Dissertation/Work based project module.

Human Rights (Curtin University of Technology)

This Masters Degree in Human Rights is a 18-month program that is offered by Curtin University of Technology in Bentley,  Australia, and centers around those who want to work in the human rights field as development workers, activists, teachers and other professions that incorporate human rights principles into their work. In this class, students will study both the philosophy and the theory of human rights spanning across different religious, cultural, political and philosophical perspectives along with how these theories are put into practise in the real world. It includes courses such as Human Rights and Development, Community Education and Awareness Raising, Human Rights Instruments and Institutions and Human Rights Project Preparation.

Governance and Human Rights (Leuphana University)

The Governance and Human Rights Masters of Arts degree program is a program offered by Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany. It focuses on project-based learning modules that allow students to gain a better understanding of governance principles and how to examine them critically after becoming closely acquainted with a number of different human rights principles. They will also learn how to organize their work for non-profit purposes, including skills like project management and funding while being prepared for the obstacles and challenges that come along with aid development and the building of a state.

Human Rights, Interculturality and Development (Pablo de Olavide University)

The Masters Degree in Human Rights, Interculturality and Development program is a 12-month program that is offered by Pablo de Olavide University in Sevilla, Spain, and aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of human rights in Europe. This program especially explores the efforts that have been made in Europe in order to begin cooperation between Africa and Latin America. The purpose of this program is also to create the link between international law and international standards when it comes to human rights, as well as to set the right conditions in this area of the world. It touches upon the critical theory of human rights, how to establish development of these rights, interculturality and human rights along with environmental diversity and how it affects these rights.

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